Crypto Community Project’s 1st Summer Bootcamp

Tomorrow will be Crypto Community Project’s first summer boot camp. Fifteen recent high school graduates from the South Bronx will receive a foundational education in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain space. This event was made possible with sponsorship by Electric Coin Co. Along with sponsoring the curriculum, Electric Coin Co. helped recruit leaders in the industry to contribute their experience to the students.

The revolution unleashed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 is more than money. While the price gets the attention, it is only a means to an end. The technology is here to stay. 

Blockchain evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos, frequently discusses the five pillars of open blockchains: Open, Borderless, Neutral, Censorship-Resistant, Public. 

This technology creates possibilities for underserved communities not possible before; that’s how revolutionary this is. Blockchain is a new paradigm for the world. 

If blockchains are borderless, they are for those constrained by borders.

If blockchains are open, they are for those to which doors were closed.

If blockchains are neutral, they are for those discriminated against.

If blockchains are censorship-resistant, they are for those who have been censored.

If blockchains are public, they are for those whose suffering was hidden.

Blockchains are more than hype. More than price. More than tribes. Blockchains represent access, true access, for marginalized communities. These communities were not given permission to thrive by the powers that be. The effects of this lack of access are generational. So old are they that we accept the conditions as normal. 

No longer need we look back to right historical wrongs. Blockchain represents the possibility to build a new history based on a new system where human control is no longer a factor. There are no powers that be.

Crypto Community Project is dedicated to this vision. Education is key to adoption And thanks to the Electric Coin Co., we are starting in the South Bronx. 

Crypto is community.

Let it begin.

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